Abacus’ HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) technicians are experts at inspecting and repairing systems that are not cooling or heating properly. They specialize at everything from condensers, coils, air ducts, air filtration to complete AC installations and AC replacements with the best warranties in Houston. Need an annual tune up? Ask about the Abacus BAM! Plan. Annual checkups can help prevent many issues from happening to your air conditioning system. BAM! gives customers one tune-up for their heating and another for their air conditioning. This makes sure that you have what your home needs when you need it. You also get the benefits of VIP scheduling and up to 15% off of HVAC services.

Knowing that leaks can lead to even bigger issues, it is important to schedule regular maintenance visits from your professional plumber. If you ever notice your water bill going up abnormally, it could be because of a leak, if not more than one. Not only does it cost you more money every year, but leaks can end up wasting hundreds to thousands of gallons a year.
You may forget about churning out steep fees for plumbing needs when you hire us. As a top Houston Plumbing agency we do not charge exorbitantly. You will rather find our packages affordably priced. You can call us to get a quote for various plumbing installation and repair packages for sure. However, we prefer offering you a quote post inspection of your house or office plumbing setup. That way, we can offer you a more exact quote and it takes little time as well. You have choices for hiring entities offering plumbing in Houston but you will be hard pressed to find another plumbing company that gives everything you can ask for! Apart from regular plumbing services, we also offer emergency services to tackle unforeseen plumbing problems. Call us anytime to fix such woes at the earliest. We also have special maintenance services that can help you stay away from nearly all plumbing issues for long. Our experts can also suggest you about plumbing setup upgrades that can help you save energy cost eventually. Want to know more about our plumbing packages or want any customization for your needs? Feel free to call us anytime or email us. Our customer care team will be glad to resolve all your queries.
It's nice to have someone honest to call when you need a good plumbing service. Speedway Plumbing Service is wonderful to work with. They fit us into their schedule quickly and showed up right on time. They did an incredible job replacing our kitchen faucet and repairing the washing machine drain line on our old home with quirky plumbing. Very Professional & mindful of our budget. I would say they are the Best Plumber in Houston Texas!

Our customer care team is always available at your service. Call us no matter what is the time or even if festivities are around! We can repair nearly all types of plumbing issues, irrespective of how complex or large scale they are. It can be a drain leak at a shopping mall or water heater problem in a domestic setup. Out staffs can get to the roots of the issue and fix in a jiffy post the troubleshooting. Our plumbers are thoroughly trained and can detect diverse plumbing problems minus woes. They are also skilled enough not to create mess in your house while resolving a plumbing problem. No matter if it is about repairing a sewer pipe or replacing worn out water heater, they will perform the job fast and with minimal disruption. You will be mistaken to think our plumbing services are restricted to only repair jobs! As one of the best Houston plumbing entities, we take pride in offering plumbing installation services too. We can install myriads of kitchen and washroom appliances and also replace worn out models. Our staffs can repair and install major 3rd party appliances. Thus, we help you in living in a more hygienic manner and enjoy amenities.

Business Description: Operating in Houston since 1974, Santhoff Plumbing has proven to be a valued commodity in the Houston area. Staffed with master plumbers, including owner/operator Joe Santhoff, Santhoff Plumbing has made customer safety and satisfaction the top priorities of its business model. Going above and beyond the requirements of a typical service call, Santhoff Plumbing beams pride in knowing that they leave no stone unturned when a customer is having either a plumbing crisis or a small leak.
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Abacus’ licensed Electricians can troubleshoot any electrical problems you may have and replace or repair items such as electrical panels and circuit boards, electric surge protection, LED lighting, ceiling fans, complex electrical wiring or rewiring, backup or standby electric generators and more. Want an annual electrical inspection on all your lighting and electrical systems? Ask about the AMP Plan that can save you up to 15% on electrical repairs. This plan includes many things such as an annual electrical safety check to make sure that your home is safe and working properly for you and your family. Our licensed electricians will make sure that the electricity in your home is running at maximum efficiency.
WOW, best plumber ever! Alex is fast, efficient, effective, and a very knowledgeable plumber. He knows what he is doing, explains the problem and what needs to be done, and charges very reasonable price. After Alex helped me with repairing the faucet on my water main, he came back and helped me winterize/wrap up the pipe (and did perfect job with wrapping it pretty). He helped me flush my two AC units and clean out the drains. He took apart the drains, cleaned them, and put them back perfectly. He explained the process to me and advise me on how to keep up maintenance. He also double checked to make sure there were no leaks when he was done. Alex was thorough, fast, and very caring to my home.
Business Description: We take great pride in what we do. For we have extensive experience in anything we put our hands on. Our customers needs and demands are approached with great importance and professionalism. Ace Custom Building stands firm to it's name and what we represent, customizing, adapting, and innovative remodeling and renovations. Award winning. 3D Design Layouts Available For $49.99- This Will Be Credited To Your Final Invoice If You Choose Us To Complete Your Project.
I received a call back to my initial call within minutes even though I explained in my voicemail that my problem was not an emergency.  I explained that I had a bathtub drain was clogged and needed to be cleared.  Alex offered to come out the next day.  I asked for pricing, and Alex explained there was a $50 trip charge and that usually, if the drain could be cleared using a snake, the charge would be $145 and no additional trip charge on top if done then and there.
Recently Seek Design & Renovation remodeled our master bathroom. This is the second bathroom remodel job that Seek Design & Renovation has done for us. This bathroom was remodeled twice before by other contractors and was never done to our liking. I can tell you, it was overdue for remodeling the right way. The tub and shower stall were taken back down to the bare studs and completely rebuilt. The old tub was removed and replaced with a drop-in tub. A custom-made stand had to be constructed for the tub and the tub fit like a glove. The shower stall was redone with custom niches in the wall to accommodate soap, shampoo, etc. A custom-made cabinet was built to our specifications and installed. The cabinet was constructed with amazing precision. The cabinet top is a piece of Quartzite that we picked out and it looks very elegant. The old floor tile was replaced with porcelain tile throughout the bathroom and walk-in closet. The bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet walls/ceilings were repainted. A special mention goes to the tile man. He is an absolute perfectionist. The bathroom looks amazing. Turnaround time for this project was about 4 weeks. Seek Design & Renovation came highly recommended from a friend that had his whole house remodeled by them. They were very easy to work with and had helpful suggestions during the design process that was greatly appreciated. They got the bid out to us very quickly and we thought it was very reasonable. One of the things that sticks out is how Seek Design & Renovation orchestrated the scheduling of the various crafts so that no one was waiting on another. Each time that a craft was about to arrive, I got a phone call or text as to their arrival time. In my opinion Communication is the key element to making a project like this run smoothly and Seek Design & Renovation accomplished this with the utmost efficiency. If you have a remodeling project in your future, I highly recommend talking to Seek Design and Renovation for the job. Dennis F

The link between any company and its customers is the staff. If a firm lacks approachable staff, the customers will not access it regardless of the products and services the firm may be selling. With that in mind, Emergency plumbing Houston has plumbing experts who cultivate a culture of being free to clients to allow accessibility of the firm. Moreover, they all have vast experience in offering plumbing services, which ensures that the customers get nothing but the best.