I'm a single professional woman who literally knows nothing about plumbing.  I highly recommend Alex with H-Town Emergency Plumber.  He is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and, most importantly, trustworthy.  I didn't know why the downstairs bathroom sinks were draining slowly and rather than charge me for work I didn't need, he carefully explained the design flaws in the sink drain.  He has come out twice to fix minor problems...but I wouldn't have known that.  He explains the issue, only fixes what he needs to, is extremely polite and helpful and does not overcharge....in fact, it's a great value because you only pay for what you need and his work quality is exceptional.

"I had some work done by another plumbing company. It turned out that the first guys didn't do what I asked them to, strung me along when the work failed, and lied about the sewer lines I was connected to. C&R came out on short notice, on a holiday, identified the problem. Then they came out and fixed the original problem the next day after the first plumber failed to. They sent photos and videos to document the work. And they left my yard in better shape than than the first plumber did, even after doing more work. Overall this was an excellent experience with a local company. "
Recently Seek Design & Renovation remodeled our master bathroom. This is the second bathroom remodel job that Seek Design & Renovation has done for us. This bathroom was remodeled twice before by other contractors and was never done to our liking. I can tell you, it was overdue for remodeling the right way. The tub and shower stall were taken back down to the bare studs and completely rebuilt. The old tub was removed and replaced with a drop-in tub. A custom-made stand had to be constructed for the tub and the tub fit like a glove. The shower stall was redone with custom niches in the wall to accommodate soap, shampoo, etc. A custom-made cabinet was built to our specifications and installed. The cabinet was constructed with amazing precision. The cabinet top is a piece of Quartzite that we picked out and it looks very elegant. The old floor tile was replaced with porcelain tile throughout the bathroom and walk-in closet. The bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet walls/ceilings were repainted. A special mention goes to the tile man. He is an absolute perfectionist. The bathroom looks amazing. Turnaround time for this project was about 4 weeks. Seek Design & Renovation came highly recommended from a friend that had his whole house remodeled by them. They were very easy to work with and had helpful suggestions during the design process that was greatly appreciated. They got the bid out to us very quickly and we thought it was very reasonable. One of the things that sticks out is how Seek Design & Renovation orchestrated the scheduling of the various crafts so that no one was waiting on another. Each time that a craft was about to arrive, I got a phone call or text as to their arrival time. In my opinion Communication is the key element to making a project like this run smoothly and Seek Design & Renovation accomplished this with the utmost efficiency. If you have a remodeling project in your future, I highly recommend talking to Seek Design and Renovation for the job. Dennis F
If the third time is a charm. Then, these guys are Prince Charming! Two plumbers prior to H-Town Emergency Plumber, could not solve the problem. HTEP were prompt, precise, professional, polite, and at the right price! We could not be more happy with their service! HTEP, are the real McCoy! We highly recommend them! Thanks, HTEP, you solved our plumbing problem!
As a company, we understand the stresses that come when things don’t work properly. Especially when the broken item in question is as vital to your daily life as an air conditioner, sink, mainline, or toilet. That’s why we have made it (literally) our business to help get your life back on track when things go wrong. When life goes awry, you need to the best, most dependable, and cleanest technicians ready to go whenever you need them. We make it our goal every day to serve YOU to the best of our ability.