Charlie’s Plumbing, Inc. has built a reputation as Houston’s Plumber and premier service provider for industrial, residential and commercial plumbing services. Charlie’s Plumbing is committed to maintaining the level of trust and quality craftsmanship that it provides to businesses and institutions in virtually every industry in the Greater Houston area. Charlie’s Plumbing is set apart by the fact that our customers rely on us to provide excellent commercial plumbing services to specialized industries such as education, manufacturing, hospitality and healthcare. Our skilled commercial plumbing technicians utilize the latest technologies, including video inspection and Hydrojet services to ensure that every aspect of your plumbing system is as healthy as possible. These efforts are aimed at saving water and improving pressure and sanitation.

They had to come back after the first visit, because when the pedestal sink was removed from the wall, it took a big chunk of sheetrock with it! This was not the plumbers' fault; the person who originally installed the sink had used lots of extra glue. David at Southern Plumbing was very helpful and polite, and sent the plumbers back exactly when I needed them after our wall was repaired. The plumbers were on time, polite, friendly, and very competent and we are glad to have found such a good, responsive plumbing company!
A Houston summer without air conditioning is…well, it’s something we don’t even want to think about! Simply put, a smooth-functioning residential AC unit is a necessity during those otherwise unbearable Texas summer months. Here at Budget Home Services, we provide top-rated AC repair in Houston and the surrounding area as well as preventative maintenance and replacement. Whether your old AC unit needs an overhaul, you have a problem that needs to be fixed, or you want a new AC unit altogether, Budget Home Services is here to help.
I spent a lot of time talking to a number of different vendors for this. Each found my project intimidating and many either outright said they couldn't do it, or just faded away chickening out of submitting a bid. It wasn't that it was too large, it's that it was too complex for it's small size. I still had a couple of companies engaged in the bidding process when on a whim (based on reviews here) I decided to give Eric a shot. From the word go he was professional, polite, fully engaged, and enthusiastic about the job. I threw him every curve ball I had and he didn't even blink. He agreed that it was an unusual situation (major understatement), but knew how to handle it. I was a bit surprised that he was willing to work on something so small compared to his normal large scale jobs, but it never appeared to cross his mind. All he knew is that I was in need of help and he knew he was someone could help. He was confidant, yet showed no arrogance. He took detailed notes, discussed numerous aspects of the job I never considered, and really worked with me on all of the (knowable) details up front. Before I even got the quote (which was speedy quick in 48hrs), I knew he was going to be the best choice. I was right. As I met each member of his crew, watched how they worked, how Eric interacted with them, etc. I knew this was going to go well. Everyone showed enormous skill in their area of expertise. They were clean, organized, polite, and detail oriented. I think it's important to know as well that Eric personally did a lot of work. He wasn't just a project manager, or hands off owner taking the checks... he was a crucial part of the workforce. Throughout the entire process Eric made sure to keep me up to speed on everything going on and never showed any sort of annoyance at my constant barrage of questions. When issues came up he discussed them with me on my level. No question was too stupid. (I challenged him there, I assure you.) In the end, the result is so much better than we ever imagined it could be. He had vision of the whole project from day one and it's turned out great. Eric is one of "those guys". A man with an amazing skill set without a stench of arrogance about him. A rare combination of honesty, humility, good humor, and a genuine desire (and ability) to put a smile on everyone's face. I can't imagine ever hiring anyone else for a remodeling job.
The reason that we offer a 100% guarantee on the quality of our work and our supplies is simple: because it helps your peace of mind. Since we are often called in after a failed do-it-yourself attempts to solve a plumbing issue, guarantee of quality service is crucial. Thus, we often recommend to our customers to try some simple, cost-saving solutions to common plumbing problems.
We were very impressed with Cole and his communication on the front end of the job and in getting everything set up. He was straight forward about costs and expenses, and answered all of our questions. The workers came everyday after they started the job with a team that was clearly skilled in what they were doing. Our kitchen cabinets were being refinished and re-stained, the countertops replaced, new faucet, water purifier, pantry door split and reinstalled, converted two doors to pocket doors, and the entire 3 story house painted including all the woodwork. We are thrilled with the result, the paint job, the kitchen, and all the little changes. The workers were careful, respectful, and wasted no time. I would highly recommend Houston Custom Remodel and would easily hire them again.
At Belknap Plumbing Systems, we know that finding a reliable commercial plumber can be difficult. This is why we strive to be a plumbing company that businesses throughout the Houston area can count on. We also know that when it comes to problems in your business, time is money. When you are having issues with your plumbing system, it can wreak havoc on your daily operations. Fortunately, our team offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Houston to keep your business running smoothly.
You may need to pay for a deposit when it comes to buying specific fixtures to some corporations. Consult with your personal plumber before purchasing fixtures because some of them don’t mount fixtures you obtain. Assuming they do fit your fittings be sure the fixture’s the perfect level of quality, complies with most codes and is also appropriate for the property.

Abacus’ plumbers are also experts at sewer & pipe repairs, shower & tub repairs/installations, kitchen & bath faucet repair/installations, sink repairs/installation, plumbing inspections, water filtration, water softening, garbage disposal repair/installation, toilet repair/replacement, drain cleaning with drain camera inspections, leak detection/repair, plumbing repair/installation and back flow prevention for all Houston Texas homes & commercial business properties. Need an annual Plumbing Inspection on all your home’s plumbing systems? Ask about the Abacus CLUB. The CLUB membership will give you the peace of mind that your plumbing system is working at top efficiency. Our licensed plumbers will conduct an inspection of your home to look for and fix any potential plumbing problems.
Santhoff Plumbing Company delivers a full range of innovative and green-friendly technologies to help you save money and preserve the environment at the same time. We have 40 plus years of experience in the plumbing trade. In that time, the professionals at Santhoff Plumbing have built a solid reputation as an industry-leading Houston plumbing company with the skills and credentials to resolve your issues quickly. We are dedicated to serving our residential and commercial customers with the most advanced services in the plumbing industry.
"This plumber is a very honest, fair, friendly and helpful professional! At first he very prompt gave me what I thought was a very fair estimate after looking at pictures before he came out. After he reviewed further, he gave me a call the next day. Rather than charging me for services I did not need, he resolved my problem over the phone at no charge. I had estimates from other plumbers for up to $200 to change out my shower kit which I thought wasn’t working since I bought the house five years ago. Turns out the divert is part of the downspout that you have to pull down on. Voila, I now have a working shower in the guest bathroom, and Mr. Ivan has a new customer for any and all of my future plumbing projects. If you want a good plumber you can trust, give this gentleman your business!"
Trusted and recommended for more than 75 years, Roto-Rooter is the premier plumber providing plumbing services and drain cleaning in Houston. In fact, more people depend on our plumbers than any other plumber across the country. We are confident that this is due to our commitment to offering quality plumbing services that our customers can depend on. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we are proud to guarantee our plumbing product and plumbing services so that we can consistently meet and exceed your expectations.