James with Wedgeworth Pluming came out to help us with a main drain clog. I had another company come out the day before and he stated that the clog was in the city line. We contacted the city they said it was no clog in their drains. A friend referred me to Wedgeworth Plumbing and I'm so glad they did. James was on time, very courteous and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and unclogged the main drain. I was also very pleased with the price. I couldn't thank y'all enough for doing such a great job. Many Thanks, Miranda Williams & Joanne Knotts
Usually, the two most important questions you want to be answered are… What’s wrong? …And… How much is it going to cost? At Budget Home Services, we don’t have a problem giving you a price over the phone. Many Houston homeowners who call us are frustrated because they have called other Houston plumbing service companies and have gotten a run-around when it came to getting a price. It is sad to admit that our industry is plagued with plumbers who intentionally will not give you a price or even a ballpark estimate over the phone because they want to get in your home where they can pressure you face to face into spending more than you should. One of the highest numbers of complaints to consumer protection agency is for home improvement and service companies. Choose us for your Cypress, Houston, Katy, TX Plumber needs.
A Houston summer without air conditioning is…well, it’s something we don’t even want to think about! Simply put, a smooth-functioning residential AC unit is a necessity during those otherwise unbearable Texas summer months. Here at Budget Home Services, we provide top-rated AC repair in Houston and the surrounding area as well as preventative maintenance and replacement. Whether your old AC unit needs an overhaul, you have a problem that needs to be fixed, or you want a new AC unit altogether, Budget Home Services is here to help.
I spent a lot of time talking to a number of different vendors for this. Each found my project intimidating and many either outright said they couldn't do it, or just faded away chickening out of submitting a bid. It wasn't that it was too large, it's that it was too complex for it's small size. I still had a couple of companies engaged in the bidding process when on a whim (based on reviews here) I decided to give Eric a shot. From the word go he was professional, polite, fully engaged, and enthusiastic about the job. I threw him every curve ball I had and he didn't even blink. He agreed that it was an unusual situation (major understatement), but knew how to handle it. I was a bit surprised that he was willing to work on something so small compared to his normal large scale jobs, but it never appeared to cross his mind. All he knew is that I was in need of help and he knew he was someone could help. He was confidant, yet showed no arrogance. He took detailed notes, discussed numerous aspects of the job I never considered, and really worked with me on all of the (knowable) details up front. Before I even got the quote (which was speedy quick in 48hrs), I knew he was going to be the best choice. I was right. As I met each member of his crew, watched how they worked, how Eric interacted with them, etc. I knew this was going to go well. Everyone showed enormous skill in their area of expertise. They were clean, organized, polite, and detail oriented. I think it's important to know as well that Eric personally did a lot of work. He wasn't just a project manager, or hands off owner taking the checks... he was a crucial part of the workforce. Throughout the entire process Eric made sure to keep me up to speed on everything going on and never showed any sort of annoyance at my constant barrage of questions. When issues came up he discussed them with me on my level. No question was too stupid. (I challenged him there, I assure you.) In the end, the result is so much better than we ever imagined it could be. He had vision of the whole project from day one and it's turned out great. Eric is one of "those guys". A man with an amazing skill set without a stench of arrogance about him. A rare combination of honesty, humility, good humor, and a genuine desire (and ability) to put a smile on everyone's face. I can't imagine ever hiring anyone else for a remodeling job.
Whether you’re updating an existing plumbing system or completely overhauling it, Abacus Commercial Plumbing produces the results you want to contain costs and make your building work better. Our expert team excels at all types of tenant improvements, remodels and retrofits. We have the knowledge to minimize expensive downtime and other business interruptions for your company.
Recently Seek Design & Renovation remodeled our master bathroom. This is the second bathroom remodel job that Seek Design & Renovation has done for us. This bathroom was remodeled twice before by other contractors and was never done to our liking. I can tell you, it was overdue for remodeling the right way. The tub and shower stall were taken back down to the bare studs and completely rebuilt. The old tub was removed and replaced with a drop-in tub. A custom-made stand had to be constructed for the tub and the tub fit like a glove. The shower stall was redone with custom niches in the wall to accommodate soap, shampoo, etc. A custom-made cabinet was built to our specifications and installed. The cabinet was constructed with amazing precision. The cabinet top is a piece of Quartzite that we picked out and it looks very elegant. The old floor tile was replaced with porcelain tile throughout the bathroom and walk-in closet. The bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet walls/ceilings were repainted. A special mention goes to the tile man. He is an absolute perfectionist. The bathroom looks amazing. Turnaround time for this project was about 4 weeks. Seek Design & Renovation came highly recommended from a friend that had his whole house remodeled by them. They were very easy to work with and had helpful suggestions during the design process that was greatly appreciated. They got the bid out to us very quickly and we thought it was very reasonable. One of the things that sticks out is how Seek Design & Renovation orchestrated the scheduling of the various crafts so that no one was waiting on another. Each time that a craft was about to arrive, I got a phone call or text as to their arrival time. In my opinion Communication is the key element to making a project like this run smoothly and Seek Design & Renovation accomplished this with the utmost efficiency. If you have a remodeling project in your future, I highly recommend talking to Seek Design and Renovation for the job. Dennis F
You could also visit on-line web directories and consequently examine their testimonials and even evaluations to get an idea of precisely how Houston plumbers perform. Take advantage of overview web sites just like Angie’s List to examine a number of regional plumbing services in Houston and recommendations. Next confirm your final choice with the BBB which has a large amount of specifics of superb trained professionals.
Knowledgeable person answered the phone; quoted approximate price; arranged appointment for later that afternoon; arrived as promised; two professional plumbers who immediately set about the task; did not leave until the system was draining properly; cleaned up and left no trace; invoiced for amount quoted. This is a quality company in all aspects.
Abacus’ plumbers are also experts at sewer & pipe repairs, shower & tub repairs/installations, kitchen & bath faucet repair/installations, sink repairs/installation, plumbing inspections, water filtration, water softening, garbage disposal repair/installation, toilet repair/replacement, drain cleaning with drain camera inspections, leak detection/repair, plumbing repair/installation and back flow prevention for all Houston Texas homes & commercial business properties. Need an annual Plumbing Inspection on all your home’s plumbing systems? Ask about the Abacus CLUB. The CLUB membership will give you the peace of mind that your plumbing system is working at top efficiency. Our licensed plumbers will conduct an inspection of your home to look for and fix any potential plumbing problems.
Nick's Water Heater Services in Houston include professional installations and repairs as well as educational support. Our experienced team can guide you through the process of choosing a gas water heater, electric water heater or a tankless water heater as well as offer to tips for maintaining it properly. Our team of professional plumbers look forward to providing you with the best water heater services in Houston.

Business Description: Operating in Houston since 1974, Santhoff Plumbing has proven to be a valued commodity in the Houston area. Staffed with master plumbers, including owner/operator Joe Santhoff, Santhoff Plumbing has made customer safety and satisfaction the top priorities of its business model. Going above and beyond the requirements of a typical service call, Santhoff Plumbing beams pride in knowing that they leave no stone unturned when a customer is having either a plumbing crisis or a small leak.
Living Solutions Plumbing is a local family owned and operated business, and we draw on years of experience and the highest quality tools and materials to ensure that my plumbing services meet your every expectation! We are committed to providing friendly, professional service and efficient, high-quality work, and we pride ourselves on our ability to understand clients and their needs. To take advantage of our plumbing services for your residence, please contact us at Living Solutions Plumbing today!
Maintaining your government properties so they are in tip-top condition is essential. We offer Houston commercial plumbing repair and maintenance services designed to suit the way your needs. Whether you need emergency services and 24/7 support or an ongoing relationship with a reliable Houston commercial plumbing company, you can depend on AAA Plumbers to deliver the solutions your company needs to succeed in the competitive marketplace.
Whether you are a business or a homeowner, look no further than Roto-Rooter. Our Houston plumbers are available around the clock for our customers to resolve any plumbing problems you may have at your home or the office. With the help of the plumber professionals at Roto-Rooter, you can eradicate any plumbing problems in a timely, affordable, efficient manner so that your plumbing concerns will be a thing of the past.