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I spent a lot of time talking to a number of different vendors for this. Each found my project intimidating and many either outright said they couldn't do it, or just faded away chickening out of submitting a bid. It wasn't that it was too large, it's that it was too complex for it's small size. I still had a couple of companies engaged in the bidding process when on a whim (based on reviews here) I decided to give Eric a shot. From the word go he was professional, polite, fully engaged, and enthusiastic about the job. I threw him every curve ball I had and he didn't even blink. He agreed that it was an unusual situation (major understatement), but knew how to handle it. I was a bit surprised that he was willing to work on something so small compared to his normal large scale jobs, but it never appeared to cross his mind. All he knew is that I was in need of help and he knew he was someone could help. He was confidant, yet showed no arrogance. He took detailed notes, discussed numerous aspects of the job I never considered, and really worked with me on all of the (knowable) details up front. Before I even got the quote (which was speedy quick in 48hrs), I knew he was going to be the best choice. I was right. As I met each member of his crew, watched how they worked, how Eric interacted with them, etc. I knew this was going to go well. Everyone showed enormous skill in their area of expertise. They were clean, organized, polite, and detail oriented. I think it's important to know as well that Eric personally did a lot of work. He wasn't just a project manager, or hands off owner taking the checks... he was a crucial part of the workforce. Throughout the entire process Eric made sure to keep me up to speed on everything going on and never showed any sort of annoyance at my constant barrage of questions. When issues came up he discussed them with me on my level. No question was too stupid. (I challenged him there, I assure you.) In the end, the result is so much better than we ever imagined it could be. He had vision of the whole project from day one and it's turned out great. Eric is one of "those guys". A man with an amazing skill set without a stench of arrogance about him. A rare combination of honesty, humility, good humor, and a genuine desire (and ability) to put a smile on everyone's face. I can't imagine ever hiring anyone else for a remodeling job.

We also can do regular maintenance checks on your plumbing systems. Maintenance is just as important as being able to fix major problems. This extends beyond just looking for leaks, but also checking your other systems such as your water heater. Did you know that if a water heater isn’t hot enough or maintaining its heat well enough, it could lead to bacteria growth? Water heaters are a perfect place for harmful bacteria, such as the one that causes Legionnaires’ disease, to grow. While normally people’s immune systems are capable of dealing with this bacterium, for people with weaker immune systems it can become potentially fatal.

If enough water is present, Texas’ expansive soil can swell up enough to actually lift a building. When this lifting, or heaving, is due to a water leak, you’ll see the foundation buckle. Cracks in floors or walls, floors that are uneven, or doors dragging on the floor are all signs that there could be a water leak under your building’s concrete slab.

As a company, we understand the stresses that come when things don’t work properly. Especially when the broken item in question is as vital to your daily life as an air conditioner, sink, mainline, or toilet. That’s why we have made it (literally) our business to help get your life back on track when things go wrong. When life goes awry, you need to the best, most dependable, and cleanest technicians ready to go whenever you need them. We make it our goal every day to serve YOU to the best of our ability.