Whether your old air conditioner broke or you simply want a new one, Budget Home Services can replace and install your AC at an affordable price. The price of your new AC unit depends on the type, model, and size. A new central HVAC system costs much more than a stand-alone unit. Your best bet to get an accurate estimate on AC replacement and installation is to call us for a free quote.

If you are losing more than an 1/4″ in a 24 hour time frame, you may have a leak problem. The 24 hr. bucket test as described on this website will help you determine three things, if you have a leak, how much water you’re losing due to the leak and how much water you’re losing to evaporation. This test can only be preformed when you have no swimers, no pets in the pool and no rain. If you have any questions regarding the bucket test, please do not hesitate to contact us at On The Spot Ultrasonic Leak Detection & Repair. We will be happy to assist you!

When you run out of hot water or your water heater breaks you need a trustworthy, expert plumber at your side, and in Houston, TX Rheem has a full directory of independent plumbers that can help you out in no time. Browse our entire list of the best Houston, TX plumbers below, and if you want to find more click here to use our handy Find a Pro tool.

Price is a factor that sends away people despite being in need. The firm has been in the market for long. As such, it knows where to get the parts at lower prices. Having the acquisition and production cost kept low allows Emergency Plumbing Houston sell its products and offer services affordable prices. You need not spend extra money when there is a chance for you save it.

A Houston summer without air conditioning is…well, it’s something we don’t even want to think about! Simply put, a smooth-functioning residential AC unit is a necessity during those otherwise unbearable Texas summer months. Here at Budget Home Services, we provide top-rated AC repair in Houston and the surrounding area as well as preventative maintenance and replacement. Whether your old AC unit needs an overhaul, you have a problem that needs to be fixed, or you want a new AC unit altogether, Budget Home Services is here to help.
"Hector Hernandez is our pool maintenance specialist. He is extremely thorough and spends more time and effort ensuring that the pool is right than virtually any other technician we've ever had. When he leaves, the pool looks great, right down to vacuuming the lower overflow pool from the infinity edge. We've had frequent issues with a wall strainer for the Polaris, so I've asked him to clean that every visit, as opposed to the once per month cleaning that is typical. He does that without question and has prevented the Polaris plugging issue from reoccurring. When the weather is bad and he needs to reschedule, he calls me to keep me informed. We trust our pool to Hector...he does a GREAT JOB!!" ~Kenneth L Smith  Mar 21

The reason that we offer a 100% guarantee on the quality of our work and our supplies is simple: because it helps your peace of mind. Since we are often called in after a failed do-it-yourself attempts to solve a plumbing issue, guarantee of quality service is crucial. Thus, we often recommend to our customers to try some simple, cost-saving solutions to common plumbing problems.
Business Description: Is your plumbing raising cain? Call Able!. Able Plumbing Inc. has serviced plumbing in the area for 15 years with quality, competent and affordable service. Able Plumbing, Inc. was formed to give you a new plumbing choice, offering you cheaper costs and better service. We take pride in providing a professional service, which will save you money. Our licensed technicians are here to repair the problem you have requested and not sell you on things you don’t need done. Before the technician begins your repair, please take time to think of any other problems you would like addressed or any other health and safety violations that you might need correcting. This will save you time and money. Able Plumbing, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that has over 15 years of experience. We do the job right - the first time. We pride ourselves in service and will strive to earn your trust. Call us for all your plumbing needs. Award winning. 10% senior discount is valid for the first hour ONLY!
Our kitchen faucet was broken and needed replacement. I have been trying to schedule with another plumber company but their time slots are not flexible at all. I find H town emergency plumber on yelp and reached out to them Friday night. I got a response very quick and a technician came out Saturday morning. They were very transparent about the price and let me know the possible situation before head. The technician showed up on time, did quality work and were very polite. I would definitely recommend H Town Emergency Plumber to my family and friends.
Buildings play a crucial in the day-to-day lives. The uses are countless. You cannot avoid their use in the present day regardless of whether you own one or not. During construction and as a way of maintaining the buildings, plumbing services are required. Thus, you should have a plumber you can contact at the point of need to ensure that all your plumbing needs are satisfactorily handled. With the increased demand for plumbing services in Houston California, many plumbing firms have come up. Emergency Plumbing Houston outdoes all the others with its outstanding services. This article looks forward and discussing the reasons why people in Houston California should use the firm for all your plumbing needs a houston emergency plumber.